City of Cripple Creek

Time Travel

A trip to Cripple Creek takes you to a different place and a different time.

The historic brick buildings along the main street, Bennett Avenue, have been grandly restored, and they take you right back to the Old West. Stepping into a saloon and making a few bets, you’ll experience the best of the old and new.

A series of attractions and special events will also lead to the feeling that you’re back in the late 1800s.


The historic town of Cripple Creek, Colorado sits on the southwest slopes of majestic Pikes Peak in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. More than 100 years ago, this charming community attracted tens of thousands of gold-seekers to its hillsides in search of their fortunes. The Gold Rush is part of Cripple Creek’s colorful history, and today, visitors can choose from a variety of heritage-rich experiences such as descending 1,000 feet into a historic gold mine or riding a steam locomotive.

Historic Events

Sometimes we don’t go back far. The Cruise Above the Clouds Car Show, for instance, goes back to the mid-20th century for its dazzling display of vintage vehicles. Others, such as Mt. Pisgah Speaks Cemetery Tour, will go back over a century so you can meet the characters who played significant parts in the history of Cripple Creek. Cripple Creek’s premier summer event, Donkey Derby Days, has become a piece of history in and of itself as it enters its 85th year. Here’s the lowdown on all the historic events in Cripple Creek:

Jack Aspen

Long ago, something quite incredible happened high in the mountains, along the western slope of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Something so magical it can hardly be believed but has to be told so all may come to know and love Jack. Some call Jack Aspen the official ambassador of Cripple Creek. And Jack should sure know a thing or two about how to find adventure and fun around here … he’s been around Cripple Creek since the very beginning.


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