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Why You Should Be Excited About Cripple Creek’s Christmas Casino & Inn

In early November 2018, Cripple Creek opened its very first Christmas themed casino and inn. For those who like to stay holly jolly all year round, the Christmas Casino and Inn promises to keep you in the Christmas Spirit 24/7/365. Located on Bennett Avenue just up the street from Bronco Billy’s Casino, the Christmas Casino and Inn is situated on the corner next to Johnny Nolon’s Casino and across the street from the Brass Ass Casino.

There are many interesting features to the new Christmas Casino that we can’t wait to share with you. The Christmas Casino and Inn have paid great attention to detail to truly capture that nostalgia we feel during Christmas time. The casino made sure to provide enough holiday cheer without it being overwhelming. Inside guests will find 150 of the most popular slots, over 3 football fields worth of garland, 4,000 ornaments, and 9 life-sized nutcrackers.

So check out some of the unique features for the new Christmas Casino and Inn in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

15-Foot Rotating Christmas Tree

15 Foot Christmas Tree in Cripple Creek

Upon walking into the casino, we are met with one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas, the tree. This massive 15′ white tree is covered from head to toe in Christmas delight. You’ll find a variety of red, green, and gold ornaments that dress it to perfection. Plus, it rotates. if this doesn’t awaken the Christmas-stoked child within you, we don’t know what will.

Rudy’s Diner

Rudy's Diner Christmas Casino

Rudy’s Diner does made-to-order burgers and dogs, and while it sounds very normal, we can attest to their burgers being delicious. Rudy’s also takes part in hand-making a variety of milkshakes, both normal and Christmas flavored. Make sure to try their Pumpkin Pie shake, Egg Nog shake, or their Christmas Cake – they were our favorite. One of their most popular burgers so far is the Blitzen Bacon Burger, but if that’s not your jam, you can build a burger to your liking. They are open 7 days a week opening every day just in time for lunch.

Cuckoo Clock Nook

Christmas Casino Cuckoo Clock Lounge

If you wander around enough, you’ll eventually find yourself in a pleasant little cuckoo clock nook. Rest your pointer finger from the “repeat bet” button for a moment and get some R&R in the nook. Perhaps you’ll find yourself there finishing up a creamy and sweet milkshake after enjoying your delicious dog or burger.

German Christmas Pyramid

Christmas Casino German Sculpture

This beautifully handcrafted structure is this second of it’s kind in the United States, straight from Germany and built by the Erzgebirge Palace. this 15-foot rotating structure features five tiers of Christmas wonder and notable elements of the season including The Holy Family, Santas and Snowmen, Musical Angels, Nutcrackers, and Winger Angels. This German Christmas Pyramid has been added to the decor because many of our traditions stem from Germany. Christmas Pyramid’s have been around since the 16th century and many believe the idea for the Christmas Tree was inspired by their pyramid structures.

Stay in the Mr. Claus’ Suite

Christmas Casino Inn Room

While Santa is away hard a work for the next batch of Christmas gifts to be made, you can get cozy in his beautiful suite. The room is spacious with big windows to let the light in and complete with a jacuzzi tub. In addition to the Mr. Clause Suite, you’ll find a suite for Mrs. Claus as well as 10 other rooms all decorated in Christmas season delight and dedicated to some of our favorite reindeer. Reserve any room at the Christmas Casino Inn by calling 719-689-0353.

Say Hello to Santa’s Reindeer

Christmas Casino and Inn Reindeer in Cripple Creek

There are 8 of Santa’s reindeer hanging out in Cripple Creek right behind the Christmas Casino. They were kind enough to come visit us until the January 1st, 2019! Whether you’re coming to stay and play at the casino or bringing the kiddos for a reindeer meet and greet, hurry in before they head back to the North Pole!

The Christmas Casino and Inn is a unique place where you can celebrate the Christmas season all year round. We’re calling all Christmas lovers from near and far to visit us at your earliest convenience to experience the magic and wonder of the casino and inn. For more information and to reserve a hotel room, visit their website here.



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