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Taking a Colorado Jeep Tour to Cripple Creek and Victor

Colorado Jeep Tour in Cripple Creek, Colorado

“Take pictures. Make memories. We’ll drive.™”

That’s Colorado Jeep Tours’ motto anyway.

For those Colorado Natives looking for something fun to do this summer or the out-of-towners looking to experience Colorado outdoors, a trip with the Colorado Jeep Tours is the way to go.

This locally-owned and operated business is four generations strong with heavy ties in the Fremont County Community, makes this one of the most intimate tours you’ll experience in Southern Colorado. Owner of Colorado Jeep Tours, Will Colon, has gained positive partnerships with private landowners which means, people who opt to do the Colorado Jeep Tours adventure get to see parts of Colorado other just won’t if they take their own Jeep or 4x4 vehicle onto Colorado terrain.

With Colon’s 25 years of experience in tourism and his incredible knowledge of the Royal Gorge Region, his expertise as a tour guide is simply unmatchable.

Colorado Jeep Tours will take you on a variety of tours around Southern Colorado, you just have to take your pick of which is best for you. You can take full or half day trips to the Royal Gorge, or Red Canyon, but our personal favorite is the Gold Belt Tour.

About the Gold Belt Tour

The Gold Belt Tour takes you on a trip from Canon City to Cripple Creek and Victor. The Gold Belt Jeep Tour starts at 5,300 feet in Canon City before taking you to over 10,000 where a historic Gold Mining District lies and lives on to this day.

The tour welcomes all ages and lasts for about 6 hours taking you on a trip that follows the Cripple Creek and Florence Railroad route. You’ll journey through tunnelways, taking photos of the breathtaking nature on either side of you.

Lunch is provided upon arrival in the Gold Camp area and guests will make a stop in Victor, Colorado at the Gold Camp Bakery.

What can you expect on a Colorado Jeep Tour?

Your tour guide won’t just drive you through these amazing sceneries in silence. What you can count on is a knowledgeable tour guide who provides you with a detailed history of the area and point out specific views that you would otherwise not see.

The Jeep Excursion will also make it a point to stop by the Garden Park to observe where fossil hunters have been diligently working to uncover remains since 1877. The first skeletons of the Stegosaurus and Allosaurus were extracted from this area by Marsh and Cleveland Quarries and are now featured at the Denver Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. to this day.

When is the best time to take the Gold Belt Jeep Tour?

The Gold Belt Jeep Tour functions year round because Colorado is just that beautiful all year round. However, one of the most photogenic times of the year for passengers is during the fall foliage, when the Aspen trees change from a bright green to a magnificent golden yellow and orange.

This period of time varies each year but the peak of the changing leaves usually happens in Late September and finished in Early October, so it is best to book as soon as possible.

Are dogs allowed on the tour?

Usually, dogs are permitted on the tours, however, restrictions can apply. We suggest getting in touch with Colorado Jeep Tours to see if you will be able to take your loyal and furry friends.

How much are Colorado Jeep Tours?

For the Gold Belt Tour, adults can expect to pay $149 a person and children are $129 a person for the full 6-hour trip. And for an extra $30, you can make a stop at the Holy Cross Abbey Winery for a wine tasting and lovely way to end your tour. Children can get juice for $15.

For more ways to enjoy your next journey to Cripple Creek, see our blog post about other family-friendly activities in Cripple Creek, Colorado!



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