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6 Bike Paths and Trails to Take Near Cripple Creek

Bike Paths Near Cripple Creek Colorado

We’ve been getting many calls from visitors who want to get some mountain biking in while they visit our quaint little town. While a simple Google search isn’t likely to give them many answers, we were able to do our own research and tell you just the kind of trails you are looking for.

This is a current list of active bike paths very close to Cripple Creek. If you don’t mind making the trip, there are plenty of other great bike paths that stretch from Cripple Creek to Woodland Park to Colorado Springs. You’ll be sure to find just exactly what you are searching for within a 50 miles radius.

Be sure that when you are biking that you remember you are biking at elevations for 9,500 – 10,500 feet. Drink plenty of water, dress appropriately, and know the signs of altitude sickness.

For those who want to crash (not your bike) directly after you completed your bike path journey, below are some bike paths close to Cripple Creek that will still get you active and adventurous.

Pancake Rocks – Cripple Creek, CO

Known as a moderately difficult bike path, the Pancake Rocks just outside of the Cripple Creek proper near Midland, CO is a very selected bike path for experienced cyclers. There and back, you can ride for 6.7 miles and get a great work out in. This path is best taken April through October and tends to be packed with cars near the trailhead, so try to start your cycling adventure earlier in the morning.

Mountain View Adventure Park – Cripple Creek, CO

Mountain View Adventure Park is a new attraction recently opened in Cripple Creek, CO. While it has many other outdoor features and activities that are fun for everyone, it includes a 2.5k hike and bike trail that is great for beginning mountain bikers or those who just want an easy trail to ride. To see a video of the Mountain View Adventure Park, go here.

Mueller State Park – Divide, CO

Mueller State Park is home to more than 5,000 acres of protected land and 55 miles worth of trails. For a small entrance fee, you can take an easy bike path trail with the family. The bike paths range in difficulty from easy to difficult but will progress in difficulty the more you venture into the park. Adventurers visiting Cripple Creek can find their way to Mueller State Park by taking the small pass toward Woodland Park. To see the current map of biking paths, go here.

Vindicator Valley Trail – Goldfield, CO

Vindicator Valley Trail is a 2-mile trail is small and perfect for beginning bikers. This is a historic location of the once popular area for gold mining and features much of the rustic buildings, signs, and other information reclaimed to the area. This is a perfect family-friendly bike path to help the kids stay active on vacation. There are two ways to access the trailheads: one is across from Goldfield and the other is off Teller County Road 831.

Mason Bike Trail – Victor, CO

Mason Bike Trail is owned by the City of Colorado Springs and opens their trail up to people for outdoor recreation at certain times of the year. Their bike path starts at McReynolds Reservoir and makes the trip to another side of Mason Reservoir. It has been described as a relatively smooth ride up, only about 5 miles there and back. To see the status of openings of the trail, visit their city site.

Little Grouse Mountain Trail – Victor, CO

Bike to the top of Little Grouse Mountain Trail to see views of American Eagle Mine Structures and the Newmont Mining Operation happening in between Cripple Creek and Victor. The bike path also offers stunning views of the mountains. To get to the trail can be accessed near Arequa Gulch just west of Victor.

These bike paths won’t steer you wrong. If you have been on other bike paths in or near Cripple Creek, share your experiences with us here and if you feel like there is something we missed, let us know!

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