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9 Family Activities To Do In Cripple Creek

When people think of Cripple Creek, Colorado, they refer to us as, “the gambling town.” And while it’s true we are home to Colorado’s gambling scene and have been since the 1990s, Cripple Creek is a hidden treasure that welcomes fun for all ages and families.

Cripple Creek is full of family activities and we take pride in providing fun for everyone year round. Most people don’t think of taking their family to Cripple Creek for a weekend trip and why not? 

Cripple Creek is home to over a dozen family activities and attractions that everyone can enjoy including multiple historical museums, mining tours, theater shows and much more! Explore the city by foot or by trolley and check out some of our favorite family activities below.

Take a Colorado Jeep Tour

Colorado Jeep Tours family activities

Colorado Jeep Tours are fun-filled off-roading trips that start in Canon City, Colorado and take you on a tour of the Gold Belt Byway toward Victor and Cripple Creek, Colorado. The best times of the year to go can happen from early Spring until late fall! Be sure to plan your trip in the fall when the Aspen trees start to change for a dramatic nature spectacular. Tickets start at lows as $149 a person and are fun for the whole family!

Take a Selfie at Cripple Creek Jail Museum

Cripple Creek Jail Museum Family Activities

If you’re a #selfie lover, the Cripple Creek Jail Museum is the perfect place for that. Take a trip back to the Wild West and play dress up in the Jail Museum while discovering the history of miscreants and troublemakers who made this family activity so popular in the present day. Get your selfie on in the original jail cells used back during the Wild West and take home the memories.

Go Underground with Mollie Kathleen Mine Tours

9 Family Activities to do in Cripple Creek, Colorado

One of our preferred family activities is the one that takes you 1,000 feet underground. The tour of Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine is one of the best ways to know Cripple Creek and understand the history of gold mining in Cripple Creek! Witness the four mining phases of gold mining in Cripple Creek and understand the process behind hard rock gold mining. Watch real and educational tutorials on how to extract gold from the rock and produce it. And at the end, you can get your own gold ore specimen as a souvenir!

Go Camping, Hunting, and Nature Watching

nature watching, hunting family activities

Cripple Creek is home to a beautiful valley of Aspens and Spruce making it the perfect place to nestle into the woods and creating the perfect family-friendly camping, hunting, or nature watching adventure. Cripple Creek has a variety of campgrounds to choose from whether you are hunting for large or small game or simply watching for big horned sheep and deer.

Visit the Butte Theater for a Show

Cripple Creek, Colorado Butte Theater

The Butte Theater holds shows each year that are inexpensive and fun for everyone. Enjoy hilarious melodramas like Rocky Horror Picture Show, Forever, Plaid, Always… Patsy Cline, and so much more! To find the latest shows and ticket times, visit us and plan your trip!

Ride the Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad

Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad

Possibly one of Cripple Creek’s favorite family activities is the Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad. You can hear the train sound throughout the town as it prepares to leave, reminding you that it’s time for a train ride. The locomotive starts running in mid-May to take families to special points of interest. It makes a four-mile winding trip-through Cripple Creek ending in a desert before making its return trip home.

Pan for Gold at Victor Lowell Thomas Museum

Pan for Gold Family Activities at Victor Lowell Thomas

If you’re looking for a good place to pan for gold, the Victor Lowell Thomas Museum is the best place to strike it rich. Pan for gems like turquoise and topaz while sifting for gold too! And once you’ve had your fill of panning for gold, explore the two floors worth of history to learn about the gold rush. Adventure into a room full of plentiful memorabilia of famed world traveler, Lowell Thomas. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop before leaving!

Say Hi to the Donkeys

See the donkeys family activities

Every year in May, the Two Mile High Club releases their herd of donkeys into the city to roam. They can be seen on the side of road just inside of town, or you may have to go on a hunt. Our donkeys love eating carrots but you can also get donkey treats at most of the stores in Cripple Creek.

Take the World’s Greatest Gold Camp Historic Trolley Tour

Historical Trolley tours family activities

Beginning on June 2nd and running every first and third Saturday of the month, meet us for an educational family activity that allows you to kick your feet up and see the Cripple Creek and Victor sites while learning about the World’s Greatest Gold Camp! Tours begin at 11 am every first and third Saturday of the month and leave from the Train Car Welcome Center.

We love Cripple Creek and we want also want you to love it! Cripple Creek is home to many family activities that allow you to experience the true history of the gold camp and allow you to see the beauty of the Pikes Peak Region. Cripple Creek hosts a variety of other exciting events that you can find online here. Start planning your family activities in Cripple Creek today!



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