City of Cripple Creek


Pack Layers and a Sense of Adventure

The old Appalachian folk song, Cripple Creek, had it right.

You go up to Cripple Creek to have some fun. In fact, if gambling, theatergoing,  shopping, dancing and exploring catch your fancy, you can expect a ton of fun.

To plan your trip, you might first consider timing: match your schedule with our robust events calendar, aligning your visit with opportunities to get up close and personal with racing donkeys, aspen tours or craft spirits.

Then, you’ll want to plan your lodging, choosing from an enticing assortment of historic inns, modern hotels and cabins.

From there, you can play it by ear as the dining and attractions rarely require reservations. But do keep in mind that, like the song says, you go “up” to Cripple Creek, and at about 9,500 feet, the weather can be unpredictable. Pack appropriately.


Variety is the name of the game in Cripple Creek’s restaurants and cafes. An elegant candle-lit dinner, a crisp home-made pizza or a cold ice cream cone will taste great after a stroll on the streets of this historic mountain town. Browse through some of our great dining options below.


The events in Cripple Creek make an exciting place even more thrilling. Whether it’s the insane donkey races that fill Bennett during Donkey Derby Days or the vintage cars that rev during the Cruise Above the Clouds Car Show, you’ll find a very particular brand of fun in this Colorado valley.


Cripple Creek offers visitors a wide variety of lodging choices – from rustic cabins to luxurious B&Bs to comfortable hotels. No matter where you stay, you’ll experience the warmth of the Old West, with personalized service from knowledgeable individuals who can recommend the best local tours and attractions, dining, shopping, gaming and more.


A stroll along the streets of Cripple Creek, Colorado is a walk through time, taking visitors past beautiful, historic turn-of-the-century buildings. Many have been refurbished to their original grandeur and now house gift shops, antique stores, restaurants and more. Meandering through a unique selection of souvenirs, arts, candy, crafts and antiques makes selecting that special remembrance of your visit an easy task.


Leave the car at home. Sure, the drive from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek is one of the most epic drives in the West. But when you have reliable luxurious shuttles to a place that serves drinks 24/7, why not enjoy the ride in a comfy bus seat?