City of Cripple Creek

Photos in the City of Cripple Creek, Colorado

With many wonderful aspects of nature to surround you, outdoor recreation perfect for your GoPro, and many events with exciting to be a part of, Cripple Creek, Colorado is a beautiful place for taking magical photos that you can keep and remember for a lifetime. Take a hike on a trailhead to marvel at the Aspen trees full of leaves, or take a selfie with a donkey from the herd. There is so much to capture in Cripple Creek, and we promise you’ll have photos that will make your friends and family jealous they didn’t come with you.

Below are some of our favorite shots from our past events. You can also see more images on our Facebook or Instagram page. Tag your photos with #cripplecreek to get featured!

Visitor Photos

Cripple Creek and the surrounding gold mining district is an incredibly photogenic place. Here are some photos that a few of our visitors have taken.

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