City of Cripple Creek

Skaguay Reservoir

Skaguay reservoir is a local body of water situated just outside of Victor, Colorado on CR 861. The reservoir is long and narrow, but large enough to bring your boats for a warm day on the lake. People can either take a hike up past the old power plant and down Beaver Creek to where the river spills into the reservoir, or they can take the county road to get there. Around the area there are trails to hike, and places to fish from the bank. Below are some other things you can do.

Skaguay Reservoir is a part of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife park system.  As of July 1, 2020 anyone accessing  CPW properties will need to have a current hunting or fishing license.   

Boating and Kayaking

There is a boat ramp just at the nose of the reservoir if you decide to drive up on CR 861. This is an easy place to put your boat in, but arrive early because the parking lot doesn’t have a large capacity. If you have a smaller boat like a kayak or a raft, Skaguay is a perfect place for a day of still water kayaking.

No Camping

Skaguay Reservoir does not allow overnight camping.  This is a day use only park.  Violators are subject to fines.


if you’re a big fan of fishing, this is a great place to fish from the shore or fish from a boat. You’ll find a lot of Colorado’s favorite fish here in this reservoir including, Nothern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Brown trout, and Snakeriver native. Some fish are rare than others.


There are plenty of places to hike around the reservoir, whether it be a leisurely stroll or an intense hike up Beaver Creek. When hiking around the reservoir, take precautions because there is a lot of wildlife roaming around and sometimes they get too friendly.


if you’re comfortable with taking a really cool dip in the mountain waters, then you will enjoy this part of Skaguay. Cold plunges are really good for the body’s circulation and prove to have incredible health benefits, so you might enjoy that part of the res. And of course, if you are on a boat and happen to fall out, you may be taking a dip anyways.