City of Cripple Creek



There are many ways to explore Cripple Creek and the surrounding area. Bike it, Jeep it, hoof it, raft it, ride it, or just plain hike it! Explore the mountainous outdoors in whichever way you would like. Visit the link for more info on the best Cripple Creek Adventures.


Cripple Creek is the home of not only wonderful casinos but amazing historical sites that encourage everyone to go back in time and experience the time of Gold Mining. Visit Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine, Cripple Creek Jail Museum, and much more!

Butte Theater Shows

Did you know Cripple Creek had a theater? Each year, the theater puts on multiple shows for the people to come and enjoy! Sit through capturing melodramas by talented actors and make the most of your evening in Cripple Creek!


Wildlife flourishes in the undeveloped land around Cripple Creek. Mountain lions prey on mule deer, black bears forage on the lush hillsides and elk and bighorn sheep often make an appearance along the roads.  Smaller animals like foxes, coyotes, raccoons and many squirrels thrive in this habitat. These beautiful creatures may often be seen along roadsides and trails or deep into the quiet hillsides. Explore the Cripple Creek wildlife and outdoors and plan your trip today.