City of Cripple Creek

Costello Street Coffee House in Florissant

Located on the northeast corner of U.S. Highway 24 and Teller County # 1, this is the starting point of the scenic Gold Belt Byway Tour.  Only a short drive away from your Cripple Creek hub, this coffee house is a great place to stop for refreshment.  Lovingly redecorated in the Victorian style, which it may once have enjoyed, it is a quiet and charming setting to enjoy a full coffee bar, pastries and desserts, tea and a sandwich menu.  A Friday night dinner is served, as well as a Sunday breakfast buffet.

Costello Street Coffee House, known historically as the McLaughlin House, was built in 1885 and was home to one of Florissant’s prominent families.  The McLaughlins bought and operated the general store, located next door to the home from the founders of Florissant: the Costellos.

Costello Street Coffee House

Phone: (719) 748-3567

Costello Street Coffee House in Florissant