City of Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek Information Center

The Information Center is located inside an authentic old train car. The train car was built in 1887 as a first-class passenger car, complete with a gentlemen’s smoking area (which is now the office).  There were seats throughout the entire car, gas-lit lights and a wood stove in the smoking area. Eventually, the car was changed over to electricity. It was a Midland Terminal train car and traveled up Highway 67 from Colorado Springs into Cripple Creek. In the 1920s, the Midland took all of its passenger cars, with the exception of 2, and changed them into combo cars. They cut sliding doors in the sides to allow freight to be loaded onto the cars. There were still seats for passengers, hence the name “combo.” The Midland ran up to 1949. On Feb. 6, 1949, the last run of the Midland took place with celebrities such as Lowell Thomas riding.

The Midland either sold or abandoned the car. When the City of Cripple Creek purchased it in 1995 or 1996, it was sitting (with no wheels) in a field being used as storage. The City refurbished the car to the tune of about $100,000.

Today the train car is lovingly cared for and staffed by the City of Cripple Creek. Visitors can watch videos relating to the area, get area maps and brochures or can request assistance with their Gold Camp vacation planning from the friendly staff.

Corner of 5th Street and Bennett Avenue
80813 Cripple Creek,  CO

Cripple Creek Information Center